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You must have heard of the New Zealvà Working Holiday Visa before coming here. Maybe you heard it from your friends, aunties in the market or Facebook feeds. It doesn’t matter. I’ll go through an introduction about New Zeal& Working Holiday Visa, but if you think you know it already, just skip to lớn the next part.

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Disclaimer: All the photos below are obtained from the New Zeal& Immigration official trang web. 

For Malaysians, the New Zealvà Working Holiday Visa application will be opened on 23rd January 20trăng tròn, 5 am Malaysian time.


What is a New Zealvà Working Holiday Visa?

New Zealvà Working Holiday Visa is a visa issued by the government that allows youngsters from 42 different countries lớn travel & work in New Zeal&. The visa is valid for 6, 12 or 23 months depending on your country of origin.

Some of the involved countries have sầu limited quota for the visa while some vì not. For Malaysians, the quota is 1150 successful applicants. Some European countries have sầu unlimited quota.

You can work or study during your stay in New Zeal&.

For Malaysians, here’s an exclusive guide (updated for 2020) for you.

Am I Eligible?

New Zeal& Working Holiday Visa is not open for everyone from all age levels. Here are the criteria you need khổng lồ meet in order lớn apply for the visa successfully.

Between 18-30 years oldHave sầu NZ$2,250 for use during your stay in New Zealvà (You need khổng lồ bring this amount to lớn New Zeal& upon arrival in the country)Need to have a return ticket or enough money khổng lồ buy one. This explains the second criterion above.Apply mainly for holiday, not for work. It’s working HOLIDAY after all.And of course, passion khổng lồ explore the world!

Which Nationalities Can Apply?

42 countries, with a different visa validity period. The countries are as follows.

Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canadomain authority, Chile, Trung Quốc, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finlvà, France, Germany, Hungary, Hong Kong, Irel&, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Pol&, Portugal, Singapore, Slovatê, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

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Step-by-step Guide: Apply For New Zeal& Working Holiday Visa

Now let’s dive into lớn the main topic. How bởi vì you apply for the visa?

Before that, you should know that the New Zealvà Immigration trang web has made a major update on their website layout & design. Most of the options are not the same as before. Following an UPDATED guide will definitely serve you better.

And good news! You’re reading it now, an updated version of the application guide.


For every step, I will have an image khổng lồ show you exactly what khổng lồ do. Note that this is the new layout of the website. Therefore it will differ from the older versions you found on the internet elsewhere.

Step 1 – Register Your Account

First thing first, register your account.

Visit the New Zealand Immigration official trang web.

At the header, press on the “Login” button.


Scroll down until the last option, which is “Working Holidays Visas”. Clichồng on that.


Select the “LOGIN OR CREATE ACCOUNT” button. You will then be brought to a login page.


In the Apply Online page (Login page), select “Working Holiday Schemes“. This should be done automatically so you don’t have sầu to lớn bởi vì anything.

Then, under the “New users” section, cliông chồng “create an account“.


Bravo, you arrive sầu in the registration page for an account. chú ý that you must register an account to apply for the visa.

You do not need a passport number for registration. For those who don’t have sầu a passport yet, feel miễn phí khổng lồ create an account anytime.


Congratulations, you have sầu now registered your trương mục. Now let’s proceed to lớn the next part.

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Step 2 – Applying For The Visa

Now, the main part.

After registering your account, you should log in with your account details on the “Apply Online” page (Login page) I showed you just now.

You will be brought lớn the “Working Holiday Schemes Online” page. This page shows Working Holiday Visas of all 42 different countries.

The dark grey box indicates that the visa application is open, while the light grey box indicates the opposite. Some European countries have an unlimited quota, therefore are always open for application.

Select your country. For this guide, I will be using the United Kingdom as an example. The details needed inside the application khung are almost the same for every country.

The only differences are the validity period of visa and NZ$ needed lớn enter New Zealand.


If the application is open, you will see the below page. Cliông xã on “APPLY NOW”.

Note: It’s not necessary khổng lồ complete the application in one go. You can save sầu the application size and resume the next time you visit. Your data will be saved on the website. 


Step 3 – Entering Your Details

Upon entering the application size, you will arrive on the page below.

There are 4 tabs: Personal, Health, Character & Working Holiday Specific. And under the Personal tab, there are 3 more tabs: Personal Details, Identification and Occupation Details.

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Note: Some of the fields are not mandatory, which means you can leave sầu it blank if you want. I highly recommover skipping those non-mandatory fields if you’re applying for the visa in a fierce competition situation, lượt thích Malaysia.

Working Holiday Visas in Malaysia has a low quota & extreme competition. The quota will typically run out within hours after opening and it’s getting fiercer every year. Do note that if the competition in your country resembles that too.

Tab 1 – Personal

As you can see below, the “next section” referred is the payment page. After you entered all the details, you will be brought lớn a payment page, where you will pay for the visa.

For countries with limited quota, the seat is not reserved for you until you made your payment successfully.


After you complete a page, cliông chồng “Save” to lớn prevent any data loss. Do that before proceeding to lớn the next tab.

Here’s the Identification tab.


“Occupations” tab. lưu ý that these are not mandatory.


Tab 2 – Health

After completing the “Personal” tab, it’s time lớn jump khổng lồ the “Health” tab.

This section should be fast and easy if you do not have any medical issues.


Tab 3 – Character

Next up, “Character” tab. Like the previous one, this section should be easy for most.


Tab 4 – Working Holiday Specific

Lastly, the “Working Holiday Specific” tab.

It’s funny that they asked whether you have sufficient funds, and you must answer “Yes”. So yea, for that part, it’s a Yes.

For the date you intend lớn travel to lớn New Zealand, it does not need to be specific. However, it must be within one year from the date your visa is granted. With New Zealvà Working Holiday visa, you must start the program within a year after your visa is approved.

For the amount of time, just enter the validity period of the visa.

“What if I want lớn extend my Working Holiday visa?”

Of course, you can opt to lớn extend your visa for an additional three months or so. But for this part, let’s just enter the validity months of the visa, either 6, 12 or 23 months. No more than that.

Cliông xã “Save” before you clichồng “Next”, which will bring you lớn the payment page.


Unfortunately, this is the furthest I can show you. I will need to enter all the details in order khổng lồ proceed lớn the payment page.

At the time of writing, application for New Zeal& Working Holiday visa for Malaysians is closed. Therefore I could not enter the payment page to lớn show you what’s in there.

Instead, I will describe khổng lồ you how the payment page is like, in words.

Step 4 – Payment For Visa

The very last step for your application. Once you clichồng “Next” in the “Working Holiday Specific” tab, you will be brought to the payment page.

First Page

The first page you will see is the “Confirm Submit” page. For this page, there will be a checkcác mục of declarations, to show that you underst& the terms và conditions. Tick “Yes” for all the boxes, and select “Submit”.

Second Page

The second page is “Submit Received”. There just a sentence here: “Please note that you must pay the application fee before your place is secured”. Cliông chồng on the “Pay Now” button below. There’s a “Pay Later” button beside, for your information.

Third Page

The third page will display the application fee for the visa. The amount varies aước ao different countries of origin. Most of them cost NZ$208. Cliông xã on the “Secure Payment Site” below.

Fourth Page

At the fourth page, you will need lớn enter your name at the “Payee Name” section. That’s the only section in the page, nothing else.

After clicking “OK” on the fourth page, you will have sầu lớn choose your preferred payment method. Note that only MasterCard & Visa credit cards will be accepted. Select the one you prefer, fill in your credit card details, then “Pay Now”! 

Note: Although it is written that only credit cards are accepted, some people successfully made their payment via debit cards. To be on the safe side, just opt for the credit card.

Step 5 – Wait For Your Visa!

And that’s it! You’re done now, & all you have lớn bởi vì now is wait for your email from New Zealand Immigration. You should receive your visa within 14 days after payment.

If you wonder how the visa looks lượt thích, no it’s not printed on your passport. It’s an e-visa, which you have lớn print out lớn show the immigration. This might be a piece of sad news for those who collect visa stickers & stamps in their passport. Your passport will still get stamped when you enter New Zealand though.

If you’re preferring the USA over New Zeal&, here’s my guide for your Work & Travel USA Program application.

Wrapping It Up

I sincerely hope that you found the step-by-step guide above sầu helpful. Please tóm tắt it to your friends who are interested in applying for the New Zealvà Working Holiday visa.

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It means a lot to lớn me than you think.

If you haven’t read this yet, here’s What I Learnt From New Zeal& Working Holiday. And I’m sure you will love my Ultimate Guide lớn New Zeal& Road Trip too!

Feel không tính phí to lớn phản hồi below if you love this guide or there’s anything I can improve. Happy traveling!