The myst dong khoi hotel, ho chi minh city


Adresse: 6-8 Ho Huan Nghiep St., Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Email: info
themystdongkhoikhách sạ

Website: The Myst Dong Khoi

Hotel Overview

The Myst’s 108-room khách sạn overflows with style, great design, và sophistication, awash with unusual finds & classic details. Every nook và cranny of this Vietnamese khách sạn really does tell a story. Luxury knows no bounds and the Myst Dong Khoi Hotel offers a sensorial stay, with eclectic & vintage kiến thiết focusing on art and history.

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For easy access lớn the big-ticket sights in the thành phố, The Myst’s location in downtown Saigon is difficult to lớn beat. It’s a mere few blocks of the Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral or Independence Palace. Iconic street as Dong Khoi or Hai Ba Trung và Nguyen Hue with their highly rated restaurants & bars are just around the corner.



The rooms feel more lượt thích posh private apartments. The Dong Khoi room propose a warm and colorful home page with vintage decoration reminding you the old past of Saigon when The Saigon Signature Suite offers a spacious open room with a 180° sweeping views.


Each room is uniquely decorated with exquisite designer fabrics và vintage furnishings. Old telephones, floral window frames, và stunning local artworks and handicrafts make you feel nostalgic for the Saigon 1980s. Bathrooms are luxurious and exotic and feature secluded jasmine scented bathtub on a private garden balcony. Amenities such as fully stocked minibars, deep stone bathtub, washlet nhà vệ sinh, Grohe bathroom products add khổng lồ the decadence.


Food và drinks

‘The Nest‘, the Myst’s restaurant bring an exciting gastronomic experience in a local atmosphere with a postmodern soul food và classic dishes from east lớn west from sunrise to sunset.

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The Bason Café pays homage to lớn Indochine time with French elements, trusses from Toulon, tiles from Marseilles and maritime relics.

Bar Bleu: An elegant Bar, discrete allowing relaxing conversation while enjoying a house cocktail. For a pause after your shopping or at night for a thắm thiết evening.

Service và Facilities



The Myst’s Spage authority provides a calm retreat in the heart of the vibrant thành phố with treatment rooms, where Vietnamese therapies soothe the body toàn thân and the soul.

The swimming pool

The Myst’s 24-meter rooftop infinity pool offers you the possibility lớn respite from the tropical heat and to plunge into lớn a refreshing xanh azure water while enjoying the view of the flowing waters of the Sai Gon River và the đô thị center.

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Fitness center

The hotel disposes of a boutique fitness center equipped with modern cardio và strength training equipment, a mas sa machine and a sweeping views of the Sai Gon skyline.