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Hotel Name: Tay Ho HotelAddress: 42 Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan An Ward, Ninc Kieu District, Can Tho, Vietphái nam.

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I stayed at Tay Ho Hotel in Can Tho, Vietphái nam. I booked online at the rate of 452,325 VND ($19.65 USD) per night, và I booked it for its location in Can Tho. I was in Can Tho last year và I was familiar with the khách sạn and its location.

The Tay Ho Hotel is in a row of old shophouses along the riverfront of the old area of Can Tho. There is not much left of old Can Tho, so this section stands out amuốn the modern building on Hai Ba Trung Street.

I like guesthouses in old buildings lượt thích this, and I was curious lớn see what was left of it inside. As a budget guesthouse, the interior is spartung so there wasn’t much in the way of heritage architecture. I liked the eclectic tiling of the staircase.


I got a double room with a private bathroom. While the room had a window, you couldn’t see out of it. The room was a classic old-school Southeast Asia guesthouse.


The room was spacious enough, & there was a usable work desk that wasn’t cluttered. There is không tính tiền wifi, và got a good signal in my room.

The main problem for modern travellers in old rooms like this is the laông chồng of power outlets, & power outlets in inconvenient locations. In this situation having a power strip is useful.

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A clean and simple bathroom with a good hot water system.


My room was at the baông chồng of the building, so I checked out the rooms at the front. Those rooms have wooden shutters and doors that open out onto lớn the balcony.


From the front rooms, you have a view of the Ho Chi Minch statue and the Can Tho River. This is the “smaller” river that drains inkhổng lồ the Hau River – one of the main branches of the Mekong River.


There is no breakfast service here, but there are plenty of street food options nearby. And continuing with the old-time travellers vibes, the hotel two doors away from the Mekong Inn. This feels lượt thích a place where people with a Lonely Planet in their backpaông xã would sit with a drink & watch the world go by.

Overall this was a good place to lớn stay in Can Tho if you just want a cheap khách sạn room. There are cheaper budget khách sạn options nearby, but I enjoyed the premium of being on the riverfront and staying in a historic piece of Can Tho. In terms of location, this is as good as it gets. If you are going khổng lồ the Cai Rang floating market tour (which usually departs pre-dawn) you can just roll out of bed & inkhổng lồ your tour boat on the riverfront.

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Book the Tay Ho Hotel online or search for more hotels in Can Tho. If it’s your first time to lớn Can Tho I have put together a guide on where to stay in Can Tho. This shows the best locations to lớn make the most of your time.