Stella maris nha trang hotel


Located in the heart of the coastal city of Nha Trang, next to shopping and lively nightlife area & is just one block from beautiful beach,Stella Maris Nha Trang Hotelis surely the igiảm giá khuyến mãi for your holiday in Nha Trang .

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Stella Maris Nha Trang Hoteloffers international standard 4 star with 98 various types of rooms khổng lồ meet all the needs of travelers. Besides, the hotel provides a choice of catering with 2 restaurants can accommodate over 200 guests. Especially, an outdoor pool bar will bring you a views across the đô thị và the beautiful coastline of Nha Trang .

In addition,Stella Maris Nha Trang Hotelis also offers the international business services và recreational facilities including conference rooms, thể hình with modern equipments, the Spage authority, tour desk combined with transportations will help guests explore the beautiful Nha Trang city & make your vacation memorable.

Stella Maris Nha Trang Hotelcommitted khổng lồ bring differentiation và satisfaction lớn customers.



Most of rooms have private balcony that delivers unobstructed gorgeous views of beautiful Nha Trang Bay. The hotel offer a wide range of accommodations that are luxuriously appointed, large and elegantly styled with magnificent views.



With 2 meeting rooms ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for international conferences, meetings, seminars, banquets, gala dinner & private parties; comprehensive sầu state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities & a professional event team, Stella Maris Nha Trang Hotel ensures a successful sự kiện and enhance the experience for both organizers & participants.



Our Restaurant serves the best of Asian & Western cuisines, which are full of flavours và with healthy cooking.

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Stella Maris NHA Trang Hotel: 4-Star hotel of Nha Trang City

Welcome to lớn the best 4-Star hotel of Nha Trang City, Stella Maris NHA Trang Hotel! Get ready khổng lồ experience one of the best stays you’ll have when you book a reservation in one of our world-class rooms!

Complete with beautiful views, essential amenities such as hot water và comfortable beds, your stay at Stella Maris NHA Trang Hotel will be nothing short of amazing. If you want to learn more about our hotel, keep on reading the rest below!

Our goal

As one of the leading hotels in the entire country, our goal has remained the same ever since we started years ago và that is to provide our guests with the best stay possible. We’re able khổng lồ achieve sầu this by providing excellent service & most importantly, comfortable rooms. No matter which room you book, you can rest easy as each one is made with the best chất lượng possible.

This quality is evident even if you step out of your room as the entire hotel is also made with premium quality lớn achieve its lavish designs. Aside from looking good, the khách sạn is also filled with different amenities that helps in giving you a memorable stay.

Our amenities

To make sure that you’ll get the best value out of your money, we have included tons of amenities that you can enjoy once you book a reservation with us. This includes:

Hot waterAccess to lớn swimming poolsFree breakfastSafe for your personal belongings24/7 securityFree parkingShuttle/private service.

Our core values

The goal that we’ve sầu mix out can’t be achieved if our hotel doesn’t follow specific core values. These traits keep us afloat and also ensure that each of our guests is given a pleasant stay in our khách sạn. Here are important core values that we follow here at Stella Maris NHA Trang Hotel:


One of the biggest reasons why we’re able to lớn achieve sầu our goal of providing customers with the best stays possible is because we put them first. As much as possible, our staff makes sure that each guest will have sầu a comfortable stay which is why they’re more than happy to lớn assist them with their request.


Once you enter our premises, you can rest assured that our staff will be 100% honest with you. This is because we want to lớn provide you with transparency lớn inkhung you of anything that’s happening on our premises. If you want to ask our staff where does the money go when you pay for you, we will be more than happy to show you a breakdown of where all of them go.

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This honesty also applies to your belongings. Although we want you khổng lồ be wary of your personal things, you won’t have sầu lớn worry if you lost them on our premises because our staff will collect và keep them until the rightful owners return for them. Whether it be your wallet, phone or anything else, you can expect khổng lồ see them in our lost and found cabinet if you’ve lost them anywhere inside the khách sạn.