Resort aroma mũi né phan thiết


For ihometour.vns made on or after 6 April 20đôi mươi, we advise you lớn consider the risk of Coronavi khuẩn (COVID-19) and associated government measures. If you don’t book a flexible rate, you may not be entitled khổng lồ a refund. Your cancellation request will be handled by the property based on your chosen policy và mandatory consumer law, where applicable. During times of uncertainty, we recommover an option with không tính tiền cancellation. If your plans change, you can cancel không tính tiền of charge until miễn phí cancellation expires.

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“Great resort. Beach is accessible directly from the resort. The swimming pool is large as was the room. Breakfast was decent. Nothing to lớn complain about. The staff are helpful. Great value for money. Highly recommkết thúc. I will return!”

“Staff was very helpful và they gave sầu us a surprise birthday gift for my wife even we didn't request it. Nice resort with a nice atmosphere.”

“We have been there right now & all of the old google review are not in line with the current situation! Book this place”

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“Excellent và varied breakfast, friendly staff, comfortable bed, quiet và very nice area. Great beach, và the Tansy restaurant is very affordable if you wish khổng lồ eat and stay at the hotel/beach all day. The food there is also good.”

“I is just an amazing small resort hotel where u can really relax. The rooms are very comfy & huge. The beds are the biggest I have sầu ever seen anywhere. Im a big guy và I would fit 4 times comfortably in this amazing bed. The restaurant was really good and the stuff is always friendly & helpful! We spend a week in this khách sạn & rarely left it, cause it has everything u will need including a nice Spage authority for really cheap massages & skincare. We payed 60 euro a night & i would also pay a 100 for this experience! Just go there