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Find out what Australian restaurants to lớn try in Long Hai. Long Hải is a township (Thị trấn) và town in Long Điền District, Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Province, in Vietphái mạnh.Things to lớn vị in Long Hai

06 Le Quy Don Street, Ward 1, Vung Tau Vietnam giới Cafe, Barbecue, Australian, Bar, Pub Breakfast, Dinner Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

Reviewed By Sidneeman

This is a smokey, impersonal place where the staff vì chưng you a favour by serving you a drink as it distracts them from their phones. Limited local beer options available but a good range of more costly drinks.Overall the prices here are more expensive than a lot of nearby Bars.There is something unfriendly và uncomfortable about this place.

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Reviewed By Grant L

Very quiet location. Lovely restaurant và separate bar area. Food is exceptional whether it be western style or Vietnamese. Staff are the best especially the owner who is also the chef. Ice cold beer available all the time which is hard to come by in many places in Vietphái mạnh. Great range of spirits also at a very reasonable cost. Try it, you certainly won"t be disappointed.

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Reviewed By shaunmiông chồng

great place cold beer ... best cook in vung tau their food is awesome friendly staff great set up all sports catered for or if you simply want a place khổng lồ relax this is it family friendly i could not speak more highly of the billabong try it you will not be disappointed Thank you for such a great review! Owners và staff are very happy to read this, pleases come again!

Reviewed By chullybully

Great atmosphere và fabulous food . Staff are exceptional and nothing is too much trouble Food is awesome from great snitzel with mash và lovely fresh vegetables with gravy on the side . To the wholesome breakfasts Even the cups of tea are just like home Been a constant customer for 4 years and find this place hard to lớn beat . Beer is very cold and they have sầu juices as well Aussie manager who is super friendly Prices are very good with an outside cool area to eat Plenty of fans for hot weather here To top it off new location is opposite a nice part of the beach Love sầu it Recently moved up the road but still opposite beach with a much nicer outside dining area

Reviewed By La-Vie-Est-Belle1212

I was in Vung Tau almost a year ago and stopped in here for a quichồng bite -- cheap và delicious. I saw a story about the owners helping out a distressed tourist and immediately felt guilty for not posting a Reviews a long time ago. I highly recommover stopping by & grabbing a bite và supporting wonderful people!

Reviewed By Geoff W

After a tour of the Long Tan battle field it was lunch at Tommy"s Bar và Restaurant.Food cooked when ordered nothing was "hanging" around just in case. Beer was cold và sitting in the shade was a very pleasant way of spending an hour or so. Staff friendly, food was enjoyable, & it was inexpensive sầu.

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Reviewed By Alex L

Well we are baông chồng in Vung Tau.. and we had lớn go bachồng và try Adam Troys food và drink.. its still one of the best places in town for good food especially the chicken dishes và the beer is cold... atmosphere is great... Klặng và Rob are great host"s...

Reviewed By Andy H

My partner and myself found ourselves at Glenn và Trangs place via a recommendation from Robert Taylor from The museum of Worldwide Arms. We had a great experience, many cold beers & food like mum used khổng lồ make. I went for the western Hamburger for lunch, Surf & Turf for dinner and a cheese và si mê omelet one morning for breakfast. Even had a meat pie & chips with an icy cold beer. My vietnamese partner gave sầu a big thumbs up for the asian food as well. The Long Tan tour was extremely knowledgeable, (Glen knows his stuff) and well worth the money. He gave us some maps that help underst& who where và why.Glen also gave sầu us some tips on other places of value khổng lồ visit and things khổng lồ bởi vì in Vung Tau. I just wish i had planned to lớn stay longer.Definately put Tommy"s Bar and Vung Tau at the top of your Vietnam lớn bởi vì list

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