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Qatar Airways - Flights To Vietnam

Qatar Airways is currently providing several flights from various departure points in the world to Vietphái mạnh, but most of these flights have to l& at Doha International Airport, & then the passengers are transferred to lớn other flights that go directly khổng lồ Vietphái mạnh.

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During the week, Qatar Airways have 4 direct flights from Doha (GMT+3) khổng lồ Hanoi (GMT +7) at 1.00 (Doha time) on Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday.

Flights from Doha lớn Ho Chi Minh City (GMT +7) are operated daily, with 4 direct flights at 7.05 (Doha time) on Monday, Tuesday, Friday và Saturday, and other 3 flights at 1.00 (Doha time) on Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday at 1.00 am are non-direct as they stop in Bangkok before flying to lớn Vietnam.

Qatar Airways also have flights directly from Bangkok khổng lồ Vietnam that lands in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. All these flights depart at 13.00 (Bangkok time), but flights khổng lồ Hanoi only operate on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, whereas on Wednesday, Thursday và Sunday are flights khổng lồ Ho Chi Minch City.

Qatar Airways - Baggage Allowance

Hvà Luggage

In the cabin of Qatar Airways flights, passengers can carry one piece of baggage with the total weight not exceeding 7kg if they are travelling on Economy class. Passengers of Business and First classes are allowed lớn bring in one more piece with the total weight of all pieces less than 15kg. The restriction in sum of the three dimensions on any class is 112centimet. Additionally, personal items such as laptop/sản phẩm điện thoại phone, small handbag/purses, entertainment devices or instant food are miễn phí lớn carry in the cabin.

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Checked Luggage

For all classes on the flights, you are allowed khổng lồ carry 2 baggage items with the restricted weight for each piece of baggage on Premium Economy is 23 kg & 32kg on Business & First class. Also, each one of your pieces must have sầu the sum of the three dimensions (length, width và height) less than 158cm. The airline cannot accept any piece of baggage that exceeds the limitation on the form size and weight.

Business Class

Business class in Qatar Airways has reached the high standard of any international airlines in the world. It is equipped with more comfortable seats, which have more space & can transsize to lớn a reclining bed. In front of each seat, there is a small LCD touch screen with entertainment complex including music, movies và information to lớn serve sầu the passengers. Individual meals are also provided in the Business cabin, with delicious and hot dishes that are suitable for any taste of the passengers.

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Qatar Airways Safety Record

It can be said that Qatar Airways is one of the safest airlines in the world. This is the results of significant investment of the top leaders on improving the quality và quantity of its fleets. The aircrafts of Qatar airline contain a number of modern and high unique planes such as Airbus A330 – A340 and Boeing 777. In the future, the fleets of Qatar Airways are expected to lớn be one of the largest crew in the world with roundly 1đôi mươi new airplanes on producing, including latest Model such as Boeing 787 or Airbus 380.

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Qatar currently does not maintain office in Vietphái nam but only at the airport and a tương tác center to solve booking queries or lost/found concerns.