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Hotel Name: Pavillon Garden Hotel Nha TrangAddress: 16 Ton Dan Street, Loc Tho, Nha Trang, Vietnam

I stayed at the Pavillon Garden Hotel Nha Trang in Nha Trang, Vietphái mạnh. I booked online at the rate of $9.88 per night, và I booked it for its price và location in Nha Trang.

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The Pavillon Garden Hotel is a 3-Star hotel near the main beach, so getting a room for under $10 was an absolute bargain. The booking said that the price included a 69% discount. I was visiting Nha Trang during the 2020 pandemic when there were no international tourists, so the rate reflects discounts that have been on offer khổng lồ fill rooms with the domestic market.

The khách sạn is on a small side street just behind the beach road. There are big hotels facing the beach, và then in the smaller side streets are the smaller hotels (often tall & skinny), và there may not be as many windows.


The alley is easy khổng lồ find & the khách sạn is clearly marked aước ao the other hotels.


It felt lượt thích I was the first guest they had seen in a while, và the reception had khổng lồ kiểm tra lớn see what room was suitable. During my pandemic travels, I have been lớn hotels that had closed down after I booked, so I was just happy that there was still someone there.

After checking in I went up lớn my room. I had a double room with a private bathroom. The room was spacious enough, and the bed was comfortable. There is miễn phí wifi at the khách sạn, & I had a good connection in my room.


I made sure that my booking had a room with a window, và my room had windows on two sides. The room had air conditioning, và there was a useful little work desk if you wanted to work at a table.

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The bathroom felt new và clean, with a good amount of space around the sink.


The hotel provides drinking water in reusable bottles instead of plastic bottles.


While you wouldn’t stay here if you wanted a sea view, I could actually see the sea from my window. I could also see the Agarwood Tower, which is a monument at the most central point of the beach.


Despite the skinny kích cỡ of the khách sạn, the architects managed to fit a pool in the hotel. The pool is midway up the tower, partly covered by the building.


By coincidence, I had a friover who was also visiting Nha Trang, và he was staying in a beachfront hotel in front of the Pavillon Garden Hotel. I visited hyên, & from there I could see my hotel & how the pool was designed.

There was no breakfast service when I stayed, và I wasn’t expecting one at the price I paid anyway. It looked like there used khổng lồ be one during normal times as there is a cà phê downstairs that was out of service. The reception pointed me lớn a cafe across the street that does the classic Vietnam giới breakfast of banh mày op la (bread roll with fried eggs) và Vietnamese coffee.

When I was walking along the beach I could see the hotel. There is a big blochồng of l& that is yet lớn be developed in front of the hotel, so it will eventually be hidden away.


Overall this was a good place to lớn stay in Nha Trang. It was in a central location and the room was nice và comfortable.

Book the Pavillon Garden Hotel Nha Trang online or search for more hotels in Nha Trang.

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