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Situated on one of the prime locations of Condotel Da Nang., Olalani Resort & Condotel complex featurs exclusive sầu services & premium facilities, which are meant for a laid-baông chồng yet luxury vacation.

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Official name: Olalani Resort & CondotelAddress: Son Tra – Dien Ngoc str, Khue My ward, Ngu Hanh Son dist, Da Nang CityTotal area: 70.048sqmTotal investment: $50 millionsCompletion Date: April 2010Investor: United Trust Vietphái nam (a strategic partner of Petrovietphái nam Finance Corporation)Consulting firms: Epaper2CAD, Elegant Concep

This stunning resort is located in one of the most prime location providing both tourism accessibility và transportation convenience

Nearby the route connecting Son Tra – Dien Ngoc30km away from Hoi An Ancient Town, 5km away from Da Nang International Airport

One of a few resort with both condotel & villas built on the beaches


Olalani Resort & Condotel has a total investment of over 50 million USD. It was built on 7 hectares of l& cthất bại lớn the coast, including 3 villas, 5 boarding houses (bungalows), 88 luxurious apartments (condos) và hotels. Apartment areas range from 63mét vuông lớn 182mét vuông, that of villas is 700m2 khổng lồ 720mét vuông. Exterior of the resort is fully equipped with high quality furniture imported from the US, Japan, Turkey & other countries.

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Furthermore, Olalani Resort & Condotel owns a premium service chain with a luxury spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp system, resort amenities, restaurants serving seafood and Asia – Europe cuisine, mini golf course, modern casino, water sports zone and picnic area. Olalani praises natural beauty & hospitality, which formed an image of Oriental Hawaii.

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1 BEDROOM SUITE: Elegant thiết kế và amenities: Your vaction trang chính includes kitchen, washing machine, dryer, etc. Every corner is design for the best living experience of your family. Enjoy the fresh atmosphere & the sound of plashing waves just outside your house.

2 BEDROOMS SUITE: The 2 bedroom suite with luxurious style is suitable for small group of friends or family to experience a sunshine morning at Da Nang Beach