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The Vietnamese đô thị of Nha Trang for some time began khổng lồ enjoy increased popularity aý muốn Russian citizens. This is due not only to lớn its good location on the picturesque shores of the warm South Đài Loan Trung Quốc Sea and the presence of a large number of well-equipped, comfortable sandy beaches. This đô thị attracts inveterate shopaholics, because it turns out that you can buy many wonderful products in Vietphái nam in Nha Trang, and it’s very cheap.

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This article will be of interest to lớn those who have sầu not yet been to lớn Vietnam giới, but want lớn visit it và bởi vì some shopping. What kind of acquisitions can be made in Nha Trang và where exactly is it better lớn go for them? This question becomes very relevant when you want to lớn buy something really useful or significant. If you are guided by the directions indicated below và take inkhổng lồ account the agreed nuances, then shopping in Nha Trang (Vietnam) will turn out to be surprisingly successful & profitable.

Immediately it is worth emphasizing that in Nha Trang, lượt thích in all cities of Vietphái mạnh, only the Vietnamese Dong (VND) is accepted.

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In Nha Trang there is an opportunity to lớn buy unique pearls at low prices – many know this. Yes, in Vietnam its cost is 30-40% lower than in Europe. The main thing is not to make a mistake in chất lượng & choose a real pearl!

Firstly, you can make a purchase in stores located in the tourist area, on Tran Phu or Nguyen Thien Thuat. It is preferable to lớn purchase pearls here, if you need a certificate confirming the authenticity of the goods. But there is a drawback: you will have sầu to lớn pay 2-2.5 times more than if you make a purchase in the second way.

Another way is khổng lồ engage in shopping not in the tourist area – there are many shops in the area of ​​Cho Dam market. The price of pearls will indeed be 2-2.5 times lower, but if you go it alone, there is a risk of getting a giả or a poor unique product. This option is only suitable if you take with you an accompanying person who has your own interest – a simple local resident or a familiar guide.

But where khổng lồ buy pearls in Nha Trang, if there are no attendants? Focusing on the Reviews of tourists about the level of service, cost and quality of jewelry, you can offer Angkor Treasure jewelry center & Princess Jewelry stores.


Angkor treasure

A unique center in Nha Trang. Here they process pearls grown on Vietnamese plantations, as well as sell jewelry. In this center you can order the manufacture of jewelry with an exclusive sầu design, as well as conduct an independent gemological examination of any jewelry for authentithành phố. Jewelry Center Address: Hung Vuong, 24B.


Princess jewelry

The chain of stores is quite extensive, with an equally extensive collection of jewelry. In these outlets often hold promotions, provide discounts và give sầu out gifts.

Here are the addresses of 4 stores: 03 Nguyen Thi Đường Minh Khai, 86 Tran Phu, as well as 46 và 30V Nguyen Thien Thuat.


Experienced shopaholics are well aware that in Vietnam giới you can stock up on luxurious silk items.


Where khổng lồ buy clothes in Nha Trang? Those who want to have natural silk items in their wardrobe need to visit the Silk & Silver boutique on Tran Quang Knhị, 6 – it is popular ahy vọng tourists due to its affordable prices và rich assortment. There is a wide variety of ready-made clothes on sale, và you can also order individual tailoring of the product.


Silk & Silver offers only 100% natural silk in a wide variety of colors, with different ornaments và unimaginable color combinations. In addition to silk in this store you can pichồng up linen, cotton fabric.

Where else to buy silk in Nha Trang? Natural silk items in this đô thị are offered at XQ Hand Embroidery Silk Factory on 64 Tran Phu Street .

The location of all stores is marked on the maps at the bottom of the page.

Cosmetics và medicines

“Cobra & Scorpio”

Vietnamese ointments, balms, and other products differ in that they are made only from natural ingredients. These healing and cosmetic products are well known far beyond the borders of Vietnam giới and their popularity is only growing. What is worth paying special attention to?

Tincture on rice moonshine “Cobra and Scorpio” is used khổng lồ strengthen potency, is a strong aphrodisiac. You can use no more than 50 g per day. When the drink is over, the bottle can be filled with alcohol many times until the cobra dissolves. A bottle of 0.5 liter costs from 600,000 VND, no more than 2 bottles are allowed to lớn be exported.Means with Ling zhi mushroom extract are used khổng lồ improve eye function, khổng lồ normalize hearing & smell, to strengthen memory. The cost is from 110,000 dong.Mulberry tincture helps with insomnia. A 500 mg bottle will cost 65,000 VND.Capsules “Meringa” strengthen the immune system. Price – 323,000dong.Ointment “Cobra” is considered a warming agent, it relieves pain in the joints, removes the effects of bruises. Price – trăng tròn 000-25 000 VND.
Ointment “Star” rescues from colds và headaches, drives insects away. Cost 8.000-10.000 VND.Ointment “Tiger” is used for colds. Its price is between đôi mươi,000-30,000 VND.

The question arises: “Where khổng lồ buy cosmetics in Nha Trang?”. It is sold in almost all retail outlets, in small boutiques và pharmacies. Particularly noteworthy is the 777 pharmacy (even 2), which is located literally in the center – 18 Biet Thu (see the bản đồ at the kết thúc of the page). Russian specialists living in Vietnam work in this pharmacy, & the prices for most of the funds are much lower than in other pharmacies.

Souvenir products


If we talk about souvenirs, then you need lớn pay attention lớn clay dishes, wooden và stone products, various bamboo souvenirs, paintings. Many of these things are real masterpieces.

Pictures are often brought from Vietnam, và the most interesting specimens are paintings from silk or from colored svà. Depending on the size of the canvas and the picture, the price of silk paintings can vary from $ 40 to lớn $ trăng tròn,000. A large selection of such products is available at the XQ Hvà Embroidery Silk Factory, whose address is 64 Tran Phu . The Vietnamese create the second kind of paintings from s&, which has different tones from nature or painted in different colors. Such masterpieces cost from 150 to lớn 250,000 VND, & they sell them cchiến bại to đô thị attractions, in particular, next to lớn the Cđê mê towers.


By the way, shopping in Nha Trang can be combined with an excursion program! At the Anh Tai Wood Carvings Family Store, located on the Tran Phu 100 , you can watch artisans carving and creating exclusive sầu products. Here you can buy stunning, incredibly beautiful wooden gizmos.


Tourists who are interested in leather goods can go shopping at Khatoteo at 7 Võ Thị Sáu, Vĩnh Nguyên, Vĩnh Hoà . His specialization is things made of ostrich & crocodile skin. Here you can choose high-quality accessories, solid shoes.

Beautiful bamboo gizmos, decorative sầu accessories made of shells, glass, silk can be purchased in souvenir boutiques at Biet Thu 2 & Hung Vuong 6G .

Coffee and tea


Vietphái mạnh is one of the largest exporters of coffee, so it will be fair to bring delicious aromatic coffee from this country as a gift or for yourself. Which one và where to lớn buy coffee in Nha Trang? You can choose from these varieties: arabica, robusta and lyuvak.

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As for tea, local residents consider blaông xã tea dirty & vày not use it, although it is on sale. Here they only drink green tea, which can be with different additives: letháng balm, lotus, ginger, mint, jasmine.

Depending on the variety and place of sale, the cost of tea and coffee can vary significantly. Prices start per 100 g of tea from 25,000 VND, coffee from 50,000 VND.


Tea và coffee are offered at any outlet, và you can buy at a lower price on the market. But where in Nha Trang khổng lồ buy good coffee and tea is in specialized stores:

VietFarm at 123 Nguyen Thien Thuatat 18 Biet Thu.

Fine coffee and several types of green tea are sold by weight in these boutiques – sellers will paông chồng all purchased products in profiled bags & seal them!

If you have not yet decided where to lớn live sầu in Nha Trang, look at the rating of the best hotels in the resort according lớn tourist Reviews .

Alcohol in Vietnam

Alcoholic beverages in this country are presented in a rather extensive sầu assortment.

Among the strong drinks, rice vodka và rum deserve sầu attention. The best is considered the Chauvet rum, which has 2 types:

light – undiluted it is very hard to drink and it causes a terrible hangover syndrome; suitable for making cocktails;dark – more expensive, but, as experts in alcohol, more advantageous in all respects.

There is one chất lượng wine in Nha Trang – it is sold only in the Svetlana jewelry store on Biet Thu 6 – it is nowhere else. There is even a Russian inscription on the label!


The best beer is Saigon, Hanoi, Tiger. The average price for a can is 12.000-15.000 VND.

An alcohol-rich store in Nha Trang is on 4B Hung Vuong – where this street intersects Le Tkhô giòn Ton. You cannot find lower prices in the city!

There is a good cửa hàng in the city center, not far from Hotel Barcelona – 53/1 Nguyen Thien Thuat. Here they sell barrel rum & wine (from Chile and France), live draft beer – all this is poured inkhổng lồ the plastic containers sold here, so you can bathe everything in any volume. Here is a very large assortment of elite alcohol at affordable prices, for example, Robinson Scotch whiskey costs $ 6.7.

Shopping centers & shops Nha Trang

The largest stores in Nha Trang (Vietnam) – there are only 3 of them – will delight true fans of shopping.


On the ground floor you can buy jewelry & pearls. On the third floor there is a grocery supermarket, selling Vietnamese cosmetics.

From clothes to the shopping center, brands such as Adidas, Nike, Levi’s, DKNY, Calvin Klein, & others are represented. There are also small shops & counters with an assortment of goods that are on the market. In general, prices are slightly higher than in the city, but it all depends on the goods you need.

In any case, it’s worth a visit here – in addition to lớn shopping, there is something to lớn vày here. The shopping center is located in the đô thị center, there are entertainment for adults and children: bowling, swimming pool, playground with slot machines, etc. For a bite to lớn eat, guests can kiểm tra out the rooftop cà phê.

Address: trăng tròn Tran Phu, Loc Tho, tp., Nha Trang, VietnamOpen: from 9:00 to lớn 22:00.

Update! Since 2018, MaxiMark Shopping Center has been closed!

This is a typical Vietnamese shopping center. Here you can buy cosmetics & silk at an affordable price.

What else you can buy in Nha Trang, in MaxiMark, is the products in the supermarket on the ground floor: exotic fruits, fish and seafood, local wines and coffee – that’s all. There are also souvenirs & clothes – the choice is wide, but you will not find branded items in MaxiMark.

Where is: 60 Tnhị Nguyen.Open: from 8 a.m. lớn 10 p.m.

Due to lớn the fact that Coop Mart is slightly distant from the center, it is mainly visited by local residents, respectively, and the prices here are noticeably lower than in tourist places.

The first floor of this shopping center is reserved for a hardware và electronics store, a grocery supermarket và a jewelry store. In the latter you can buy jewelry and pearls. If you are looking for where to lớn buy good coffee in Nha Trang, go khổng lồ Coop Mart – the Vietnamese come here for shopping, which means you can trust the store.

On the second floor you can buy clothes & shoes for the whole family. On the third – a stationery store, food court, an area with board games.

Address: Le Hong Phong 2.The shopping center is open for shopping from 08:00 lớn 20:00.Nha Trang Markets

It’s hard to lớn imagine shopping without visiting the markets – in Nha Trang it’s Cho Dam & Ksom Moy. They start work at dawn, and kết thúc after sunphối at 6-7 pm.

The market is located where Phan Boi Chau & Hai Ba Trung intersect – this is the most “untwisted” tourist place. This market is the most complete answer to lớn the question “What to lớn buy in Nha Trang and where?”, Because practically everything you can imagine is sold here!


Also located in the tourist area – Ngo Gia Tu 49 – but it is more difficult khổng lồ find. It is profitable lớn buy products here, as their prices are really low. Nha Trang markets should pay more attention – we talk about them in a separate article.

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This is a night market in the center of Nha Trang, occupying the whole Tran Phu street. It works at 19:00, closes at 23:00. Perhaps this place can be called the most colorful – Vietnamese craftsmen sell a variety of crafts here, and in cafes they offer dishes with fish, mussels, squid, snakes, frogs.

If you find what khổng lồ buy in Vietphái nam in Nha Trang, but the price has frankly scared you – bargain surely!

All shopping centers, shops, supermarkets, markets, as well as attractions & beaches of Nha Trang are marked on the bản đồ in Russian. To see all objects, click on the inhỏ in the upper left corner.