Workers at cambodia casino nagaworld protest mass layoffs

NagaWorld, whichhas exclusive rights to lớn gambling facilities in the Cambodian capital, wants to lớn slash staff numbers by 16%. (Photo lớn by Vann Soben)

PHNOM PENH -- Workers at Cambodia"s largest casino NagaWorld have urged the government to stop the company"s plankhổng lồ lay off more than 1,300 of its 8,000 employees.

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Representatives of the Labor Rights Supported Union of Khmer Employees of Naga World delivered a petition signed by more than 2,000 members lớn the Labor Ministry on Tuesday morning, requesting that officials intervene.

The union says the company is using COVID-19 as an excuse lớn target their leadership & members.

Union president Chhyên ổn Sithar is aý muốn those who have been given notice of termination, along with the group"s vice president, secretary & treasurer.

Sithar called the company"s plan "a clear attack" on the union, saying a similar thing happened after the global financial crisis. "There is a pattern," she told "Ahy vọng the 1,300 , around 1,100 are union members." The union has more than 3,700 members.

Sithar said about 500 employees who had been given notice had rejected their termination offers, while the rest accepted.

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She said workers, who had already suffered pay cuts during the pandemic, were under a lot of economic pressure & called the layoffs "irresponsible & inhumane."

The company recorded $102 million in net profit in 20đôi mươi despite plummeting tourism in Cambodia & a three-month, state-enforced shutdown from April that year. It exclusive sầu rights lớn gambling facilities in the Cambodian capital.

Parent company NagaCorp, which is majority-owned by Malaysian billionaire CEO Chen Lip Keong, did not immediately respond to lớn"s request for phản hồi.

NagaWorld union members on June 8 submitted a complaint to the Cambodian government against the casino operator"s plan to lớn fire over 1,300 employees. (Phokhổng lồ courtesy ofLabor Rights Supported Union of Khmer Employees of NagaWorld)

The company"s gaming complex in Phnom Penh remains closed since being shut for a second time in early March due to lớn a nationwide outbreak of COVID-19 that has resulted in more than 34,000 cases since February.

Hong Kong-listed NagaCorp addressed the planned layoffs in an announcement to lớn shareholders on Monday, which dealternative text with the possibility of issuing new debt.

The company called the firings "a rationalization program to improve cost efficiency." It said affected employees would receive "enhanced termination compensation over và above payments required by applicable Cambodian laws."

"We believe sầu that these changes and other changes we have sầu made as part of our COVID-19 strategy will help with the quiông xã return to lớn business normality và help deliver continued financial stability over the long term," the company told shareholders.

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Ministry of Labor spokesman Heng Sour told that authorities would review the union"s complaint.