Maple hotel in bangkok, thailand


Happy Sweet 16,! Gold Richie is opening Hotel Maple in celebration of"s anniversary và of course, our Maplers are invited as VIPs! Enjoy the games and grandeur of Hotel Maple~


v.222 - 16th Anniversary: Hotel Maple is live on April 21!

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Content Changes

Android ShopAndroid shops can now be used khổng lồ recharge Throwing Stars và Arrow-type items.The following items have sầu been added to the shop:Red Potion Orange Potion Blue PotionDexterity Potion Speed Potion Magic Potion Warrior Potion Sniper Potion UnagiSilver Scissors of Karma Pet Food Subi Throwing-Stars Bullets The following items have sầu been removed from the shop:Speed Pill Warrior Pill Magic Pill Dexterity PillLapsed Character Clean-UpAs mentioned on the Lapsed Character Clean-Up post, the characters that meet all of the following criteria will be deactivated:Lv. 61 or lower.

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Have sầu not logged into lớn the trương mục since December 15, năm nhâm thìn.Are not Guild Leaders, Alliance Leaders, or have sầu unclaimed cash items within the Auction House.The deactivated characters will be fully removed during our June update maintenance, tentatively scheduled for June 9, 2021.Characters that will be removed during the June update will have their Cash items moved to the Cash Shop Inventory. You will have access lớn the moved Cash items once you create a character that shares the Cash Shop Inventory with the removed character in the same world và tài khoản.In order to lớn re-activate the characters, log inkhổng lồ your tài khoản once prior to lớn the June update.

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Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue where a platkhung graphic in Henesys was longer than the actual platkhung.Fixed the issue where the ‘ A Reason to Fight" quest could not be restarted if a player leaves.Fixed the issue where Commerci Republic rewards appeared for Ninja Castle in the Maple Guide.Fixed the issue where the Night Ghost Guide skill description was not clear.Fixed the issue where the error message text overflows out of the UI when the player attempts to use a Golden Hammer when two have been already used.Fixed the issue where Gravity Crush skill had no cooldown if a player moves bản đồ before the skill is over.Fixed the issue where the "Fungi Fever" quest acceptance text says "here in mushroom shrine".Fixed the issue where Showa post box letter dialogue incorrectly said "30" characters.Fixed the issue where Glass Marble could not be recharged via merchants.Fixed the issue where Upgrading Zakum Armor quest could not be completed. We apologize for the confusion. The quest khổng lồ nâng cấp the Zakum Armor was removed as it wasn"t supposed khổng lồ be available.Fixed the issue where some text strings still refer to lớn the Hayato lớn & Kanmãng cầu roleplay in Hieizan Temple.Fixed the issue where two different items displayed the same text for "Swift Crimson Queen Soul".Fixed the issue where Aran Legends could not khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage when using basic attaông chồng with a Pole-arm.Fixed the issue where the Corrupted Veilstone Familiar’s inhỏ art was outdated.Fixed the issue where Sherbet did not display a description tooltip when hovered over in the equipment inventory.Fixed the issue where pets did not trigger the ‘Wonderful Pet Owner’ quest upon reaching 1,400 closeness.Fixed the issue where the Free Market portal in Showa Street Market did not work.Fixed the issue where the Tiny Nose Face was missing from characters that had it prior khổng lồ the v.221 update.Fixed the issue where Beast Tamer ears were experiencing graphical issues.Fixed the issue where Beast Tamer ears were detaching from the character while on Henesys map.Fixed the issue where the Silver Wolf weapon effect was displayed on the Character Select Screen even when a cash weapon was equipped.Fixed the issue where Mist Eruption skill text underlaps the skill requirement.Fixed the issue where Twenty Hair clipped through most hats when the character is lying down.Fixed the issue where Champ Charge skill was unable khổng lồ be used with the corresponding hotkey.Fixed the issue where Shoes of Life visual effect could not be toggled off for Zero"s Beta character.Fixed the issue where the Expand Inventory button was missing on the Storage UI.Fixed the issue where Leaf Plane NPC was missing from the Pantheon maps.Fixed the issue where the Gray Cat Hood vật phẩm clipped through the Calabash Pipe thành công.Fixed the issue where the Showa Handwritten Letter date was displayed incorrectly when no letters have sầu been sent.Fixed the issue where Blue Macaron Shoes caused a blaông xã V line to lớn appear while gliding.Fixed the issue where Hwabi Throwing-Stars cannot be recharged using Wonkyroid items.Fixed the issue where respawning during Princess No boss battle may move sầu the character to the instance of another các buổi party.Fixed the issue where Tatsu had been removed from the Nin-Ja Castle bản đồ.Fixed the issue where it was difficult to lớn complete the Cursed Badge due lớn the Corrupted Veilstone Familiars sharing the same name & art.Fixed the issue where the friend’s character login message had a spacing error.Fixed the issue where the game client would crash when selecting any ‘Cake vs Pie’ type quests in the Completed section of the quest log.Fixed the issue where the Quick Move sầu button was missing in Momijigaoka.Fixed the untranslated text that appears during the Esfera cutscene.Fixed the typos in the tooltip descriptions of the Pirate Blessing Link Skill.

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Known Issues

 The Sweet 16 Coin graphic that flashes when obtaining them displays 17 rather than 16. The mô tả tìm kiếm tooltip for Hotel Tour Chair and Hotel Shuttle Chairs may be misleading that players can obtain EXPhường or Sweet 16 Points anywhere outside Hotel Maple when it indicates a specific Outside Hotel map. Hotel Maple Infinity Pool dialogue "I"d lượt thích lớn enter the " option is missing a word. A player may not immediately receive sầu a fixed Maple Cafe medal upon exchanging the old medal via Maple Admin. Players may receive an error message when attempting to lớn purchase the Timely Thread Shop"s không tính tiền items if they vì not have sầu the NX amount of the item"s original price, regardless of it being không lấy phí. Jett"s "Suborbital Strike" skill could not be switched khổng lồ "Beam Amplifier" mode when reactivating the skill.

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The text "/r/n" was shown as part of Ms. Appropriation"s dialogue when attempting lớn enter the Hotel Maple Infinity Pool. Players are unable to complete MONAD"s "A Reason to Fight" quest.  Fireworks Atmospheric Effect cửa nhà has been temporarily removed khổng lồ prsự kiện the game client from crashing when the tác phẩm was previewed in Cash Shop. The cửa nhà will be added back to the Cash Shop as soon as the client crash issue is addressed.

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Hotel Maple: VIP Membership

UTC: April 21 (after maintenance) – June 8 at 11:59 PM

Requirement: Lv. 101 and above (Zero characters must have completed up to Chapter 2).

Gold Richie is opening Hotel Maple in celebration of"s Sweet 16! Enjoy the games và grandeur of Hotel Maple!Accept the ‘ Super Luxury Vacation!’ quest within the star sự kiện notifier on the left side of the screen.Upon accepting the quest, you will receive the following:VIPhường. CLASSIC rank.VIPhường Skill in the ‘Beginner’ tab of your Skill UI.Access khổng lồ the VIP. Membership Card via the VIPhường inhỏ within the star event notifier on the left side of the screen.When you collect 100 Sweet 16 Points, it will convert to lớn 1 Sweet 16 Coin.You can earn up lớn 300 Sweet 16 Coins daily per character.

VIP. Membership Rank

You will start at VIP.. CLASSIC and can rank up all the way to VIP PRESTIGE.Use the VIP Membership Card to purchase a VIP.. Membership Point every day by paying 200 Sweet 16 Coins.VIPhường Membership Points are shared between your characters in the same world.You will receive one VIP Skill Point và one VIPhường. Coupon for each VIPhường Membership Point you purchase. When you accumulate enough VIP Membership Points, your VIP Membership Rank will automatically increase. Each time you rank up, you will receive sầu a rank-up reward và access to lớn additional amenities!
Rank-Up Requirement5 Cumulative VIPhường Membership Points15 Cumulative sầu VIP Membership Points35 Cumulative VIP.. Membership Points
Rank-Up RewardsExperience Nodestone: Tradeable within trương mục.Arcane Symbol Selector x100 Coupon: Tradeable within trương mục, coupon will expire June 8 at 11:59 PM UTC. Use lớn receive Arcane Symbol Selector Coupon (x100): Untradeable, 7-day duration.Typhoon Growth Potion: Tradeable within trương mục, 10-day duration. Character must be at least Lv. 200 to lớn use the vật phẩm. Use khổng lồ gain a màn chơi between Lv. 200 và 239. Characters with Lv. 240 & above sầu will obtain a considerable amount of EXP.. Hotel Maple VIP Member: Medal. Untradeable. Grants STR/DEX/INT/LUK +16, MaxHP/MaxMPhường +850, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +7. The medal will register in your Medal Collection.
Hotel Maple: Maple Infinity Pool Access1 time daily per world2 times daily per world3 times daily per world
Rank-Up Rewards can be claimed on the VIP.. Membership UI. You can access it by clicking the VIP ibé within the star event notifier on the left side of the screen.Hotel Maple VIPhường Member medal will be distributed through the ‘ Hotel Maple VIP Member’ quest within the star sự kiện notifier on the left side of the screen.You will also unlock various Hotel Maple shops & their items as you rank up each time.VIPhường Membership Rank is shared between your characters in the same world that meet the event requirement & have completed the ‘ Super Luxury Vacation!’ quest.

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VIP Skills

Each time you purchase VIPhường Membership Points, you will receive sầu 1 VIPhường Skill Point.You can use the VIPhường Skill Points lớn cấp độ up the desired VIPhường Skill, up lớn Lv. 3. Each màn chơi requires the following amount of VIP. Skill Points to cấp độ up:Lv. 1: 1 VIP Skill PointLv. 2: 2 VIPhường Skill PointsLv. 3: 3 VIP Skill Points(Ex. You will need a total of 6 VIP.. Skill Points khổng lồ reach Lv. 3)VIP. Skills are shared between your characters in the same world that meet the event requirement and have sầu completed the ‘ Super Luxury Vacation!’ quest.VIP Skills will be available until June 8 at 11:59 PM UTC.
VIPhường SkillsLv. 1Lv. 2Lv. 3
Attack Power nguồn và Magic ATT+5+10+20
STR/DEX/INT/LUK, MaxHP/MaxMP+đôi mươi, +1000+30, +1500+40, +2000
DEF Ignored+10%+20%+30%