Lost and found


No one wants khổng lồ chiến bại baggage at Vietnam airports as well as at other airports in the world. What should passengers bởi in this case? Please refer to lớn following ihometour.vn tips to lớn mitigate this situation. Baggage from check-in counter to arrival airport has lớn go through many stages such as security screening, boarding, transferring from the plane to lớn the trucks và from conveyor lớn passengers. Airport staff is entirely responsible for these stages. Though there are hundreds of cameras with an operation center, the theft and lost items in the suitcases still happens and this makes many passengers extremely worried.

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When detecting the outside baggage is intact but inside is missing some items, passengers should immediately report lost and found of Vietphái nam Airlines at the airport on irregularities of baggage such as requesting to weight baggage again, checking baggage after receiving, declaring the characteristics of lost items... Then, the airline và security agent will make all their effort to lớn solve the problem such as finding or compensating baggage to passengers.


In the case of lost baggage, if passengers cannot prove sầu the actual value of the baggage, the airlines (including Vietnamese Airlines) will adopt a comtháng compensation for passengers. The liability limits of Vietphái mạnh Airlines checked baggage is USD trăng tròn per kilogam or does not exceed USD 400 per passenger (or local currency equivalent) for cabin baggage. In addition, for flights on European route, the compensation of Vietphái nam Airways for damaged baggage does not exceed 1000SDR/ passenger. In case of both cabin baggage and kiểm tra baggage of a passenger are damaged for various reasons, a compensation is made according khổng lồ the actual damage but not exceeding the limits of Vietphái mạnh Airline liability for that passenger (SDR 1000 or local currency equivalent).

However, the condition of carriage of the airlines states that for international flights, electronic devices (máy tính, camera, camcorder, music player, MP3 players, điện thoại phone...), fragile và perishable items, money, jewelry, keys, passport, ID, business document, etc. cannot be accepted lớn carry as checked baggage.

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So Vietnam giới Air suggests passengers:

- Should use hard suitcases with lock rather normal zipper. If want khổng lồ get something inside the evildoers will have to lớn break the lochồng, then the suitcase cannot be closed again.

- If use a normal suitcase, passenger should wrap it. With this way, it will take more time if evildoers want lớn steal items in his suitcase.

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- For checked baggage, passenger also should wrap and cover the entire the baggage by tape along with his name, address và phone number.