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Travel 7 km fromthe centreSapage authority and discover the village of Lao Cnhì.Lao Chai Village is trang chính toover 100 Black H"Mong tribe families.Trekking further inlớn thefogandfind the Ta Van Village, where various ethnic minorities live in peace.Enjoy the cool weather in each destination to lớn be visited và admire the impressive natural landscaps of the area.Feel the warmth of the villagers" hospitality when tasting the local cuisine in Lao Chai Village.

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Inclusive Of:

Hotel drop off (hotels in Sapa Town or Viet Flower Hotel only)An experienced English speaking guideLao Cnhị và Ta Van Village entrance fees (VND70,000/person)LunchInsurance provided by operator

Not Inclusive Of:

DrinksOther personal expensesTips và gratuities (optional)


Please note: This schedule is for reference only và is subject to traffic conditions on the day8:45am meet up at Viet Flower Hotel8:45am-9:15am piông xã up by foot at hotel in Sapa Town9:20am start trek to lớn Lao Cnhì Village12:00pm enjoy lunch at a homestay in Lao Cnhì Village1:30pm continue trek to Ta Van Village2:30pm ride on the transfer service & head bachồng khổng lồ Sapage authority town3:00pm end of tour, drop off at hotel or meet up location

Sample Lunch Menu:

Please note: The thực đơn is subject to lớn seasonal changesStir-fried Vegetables/Boiled Cho-đến FruitSautéed Tofu with Tomakhổng lồ sauceFried Spring RollsStir-fried Pork with GalangalFried Eggs with OnionSteamed RiceFresh Fruit for dessert

What To Bring:

HatSunglassesInsect repellentSunscreen

What To Wear:

Comfortable walking shoesLight waterproof jacket

Additional Information:

Children aged 0-3 are free of charge.Child ticket: Age 4-8.Please indicate any dietary requirements & your khách sạn address upon checkout.All participants must provide their details as shown on their passport upon check out for insurance purposes.Since this is a trekking tour, it is not recommended for PWDs to participate in this activity.Please be advised that only one ride will be offered throughout this entire tour (Ta Van Village to lớn Sapa Town hotels or Viet Flower Hotel). The guide will piông xã you up by foot & drop you off via transfer service. Kindly indicate your preferred drop off option upon checkout.The trek is 8km long and will take approx. 3 hours & 30 minutes lớn complete.During the winter months (Oct-Feb), it is highly recommended to lớn wear warm clothing.If you are running late, please inkhung the operator as soon as possible via điện thoại tư vấn. The operator"s customer service Điện thoại tư vấn can be found on your voucher.

There"s a whole world out there, lived by people far different than you. Meet a whole tribe of these people in this trekking tour of Lao Cnhì and Ta Van Village. Visit communities of Vietnam"s various ethnic groups & see how they live in peace. Start the tour with a trek to lớn Lao Cnhị Village, a place made up of several smaller villages. As you go along the tour, you"ll meet its predominant members - the H"ước ao minorities. Up lớn 100 families of the hill tribe live sầu in the area, along with the other ethnic villagers. Interact with these locals during lunch at a Lao Cnhì homestay và learn more about their culture. Head next lớn Ta Van Village, where a much more diverse set of inhabitants live. Watch as they go through their daily routine of farming và animal tending amidst the idyllic nature setting. Marvel at the perfectly preserved culture of each tribe, reflected in their clothing, tradition, and handmade crafts. Appreciate the scenery and make sure khổng lồ buy a souvenir or two. End the tour with a ride baông xã lớn your preferred drop off location.