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Often called by the name ‘pearl island’ by Vietnamese people, Phu Quoc Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Viet Nam . Phu Quoc is no doubt the best place for you lớn get away from the bustling thành phố life. Nowhere else other than Phu Quoc you can find perfect combination of modernity và tranquility.

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08:30 – 09:00: First of all, transportation và tour guide from Dandy Travel will piông chồng you up at your hotel or resort. We will introduce the plan of the tour on the bus. Guide will give you more information about Phu Quoc, for example: history, culture, food, people, etc.

First point: Pearl Farm

History of Pearl Farm:

Before 1990s, Phu Quoc local dived about 10ft to lớn piông xã up clams, check every single one khổng lồ get pearl. Unfortunately, the clam not always have pearl. Only 15%~20% of them can generate the perfect pearl.

Nowadays, Phu Quoc local have sầu more than 20 years experience in pick up và raise clams,so that they build Pearl Farm to lớn show visitors their technique and product from the pearl. It just magnificent!

Pearl farming on Phu Quoc

The quiet and calm sea waters off Phu Quoc are the ikhuyến mãi place for pearl farming & thanks to lớn the application of modern techniques from Australia & nhật bản, it has blossomed in a short period of time.

The first step is lớn nucleate oysters with bits of old oyster shells. Depending on the expected shape of the pearl-to-be, pieces are gradually built up inkhổng lồ a round or water-drop shape.

Farmers are required to lớn select oysters aged between six months và two years. After nucleating, oysters are placed in cages, six per cage, which are then put on the sea bed. Cultured pearls are usually harvested after about two years.

During the period, the oysters must be cleaned weekly by removing barnacles from their shells. The water also must be kept clean lớn make pearls shiny và beautiful. The pearl is a solid substance in a spherical shape, produced by some species, mainly mollusca, including oysters and freshwater mussels.

Second point: Bee farm

Tourist can come to bee farm & learn about honeybee conservation, life-cycle, the ecological importance of bees in a up cchiến bại and personal manner.

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Third point: Pepper farm

In Vietnam, pepper farms are called vườn tiêu (peppercorn garden), easily identified by the tall columns of bushy pepper vines.

The soil on Phu Quoc can be sandy and the pepper vines wind around poles lớn keep their fruits well exposed lớn the sun.

Fourth point: Slặng wine factory

Sim Wine (Ruou Sim), a local wine made using the fruit fro the myrtle tree. The recipe originated from various ethnic minority groups living in the central highlands. Most locals drink Syên Wine when they are eating seafood.

Fifth point: Coconut Prison

Phu Quoc Prison or Coconut Tree Prison is one of the most important historical destinations in Vietphái mạnh, representing a dark time in the country’s history. Inside the prison, visitors still can find the evidence of the crimes against human rights of USA troops.

Built by the French then used by Americans during Vietnam-America War lớn confine và torture more than 40,000 north Vietnamese soldiers. The prison is also a museum with actual outdoor thiết lập with barb wire, guard towers, tiger cages và prisoners lớn reenact the horrors once had happened here. A trip to lớn Phu Quoc is as educational and eye-opening as it could be.

Sixth point: Ho Quoc Pagoda

The Ho Quoc Pagoda (also known as Chua Ho Quoc or Truc Lam Ho Quoc) is a new Buddhist temple on Phu Quoc Islvà that was inaugurated on December 14, 2012. It is perched at the base of a lush mountain that faces the sea và the rising sun.

Hộ Quốc PagodaSeventh point: Sao Beach

This is the most well-known beach not just in Phu Quoc but also in Vietnam giới. Sao beach is located just 25km from Duong Dong town, has everything you need in a perfect beach – Trắng powdery sandngân hàng, turquoise clear water, swing by the beach, palm trees, jungle backdrop và few bars khổng lồ enjoy the drinks.

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15:30 – 16:00: After the trip, having a memorable day, we will return you lớn the hotel.