Khách sạn waterland huế

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Phòng Superior, 1 nệm đôi hoặc 2 chóng đơn

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Phòng 3 Deluxe
Phòng dành cho mái ấm gia đình, 2 giường đôi
Phòng 3 Superior
Phòng Deluxe

Khách sạn Waterlvà Huế trường đoản cú hào bao gồm đôi mươi chống được thiết kế cực kỳ đẹp mắt. Để làm cho kỳ nghỉ mát của du khách thoải mái và dễ chịu dễ chịu, tất cả những phòng đều sở hữu bàn ủi, nhà tắm, screen truyền họa lcd/tinch thể lỏng. Ngoài ra, Khách sạn Waterlvà Huế cũng có dịch vụ phòng, quán cà phê, nhà hàng quán ăn, chuyển đón khách sạn/sân bay. Với cam đoan về hình thức dịch vụ và triệu tập vào sự hiếu khách hàng, các bạn sẽ thấy yêu thích Khi ngủ trên Khách sạn Waterlvà Huế.
Nice place khổng lồ stay with quiet spacious room, good air-nhỏ và televison, bath-tub... Staff is so friendly and helpful. It take you around 10 minutes walking lớn the center. Will be back on someday.Great thanks to waterl& team!
We arrived at 3am & were greeted by a nice man who showed us khổng lồ our lovely spacious room. Very clean. AC. The staff were all very helpful when we needed khổng lồ book flights. Got bikes sorted for us to lớn rent. I would recommend getting bikes khổng lồ see the city! And if you can cycle 15km then go khổng lồ Beach Bar Hue - beautiful stretch of beach! Free breakfast was the best we have had as included a delicious smoothie! Had a lovely time. Make sure if you book a bus you get a ticket!!
We had a great stay in the Waterland. After booking another hotel nearby which wasn"t as described, we moved lớn the Waterland at the last minute và were immediately charmed by the friendly staff who constantly feed you a stream of refreshing smoothies for miễn phí. The rooms were spacious, airnhỏ good & staff genuine, friendly và helpful, with tips for the thành phố. Breakfast was simple but lovely too (omelette sandwich & fruit).
My boyfriover & I chose lớn stay at Waterland based on good Reviews & are really happy with our stay. As soon as we arrived we were greeted with juice, water và a fruit plate & were asked if we wanted to lớn do any tours, but not pressured inkhổng lồ anything. The room was really big, clean and had 24/7 hot water. Every morning we could choose breakfast from a menu (generally eggs any style and a baguette) và a drink (smoothie, soda, coffee). We could also order more than one breakfast thành tích if hungry enough. They were really helpful with booking our bus tickets to lớn Hanoi as well. When we were waiting for our night bus khổng lồ piông chồng us up, the woman at the front desk, Dung, offered us some juice while we hung out in the lobby. She was extremely helpful & hospitable throughout our stay. Overall really great service, price was good và would recommover this hotel! Our only complaint is that the mattress was hard & could feel springs poking into lớn us, but that may have sầu just been our room.

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I used to stay in super cheap guest houses in Vietphái mạnh, & all are better than this hotel. We are a group of đôi mươi people and on the day we arrived, we accomodated all rooms of the khách sạn. Location is very difficult khổng lồ find. There is no elevator,all toilet doors can not be closed, air conditioners are very weak, all basins in toilets are stucked, shower has no pressure, beds are suprisingly hard, no hair dryer và a lots of broken emmenities in rooms. Only 1 choice for breakfast: a fried egg with 1 bread. I dont know what I can gọi it. It is not a hotel or guest house for sure!
Room was tired & in need of maintenance. Water dripping off ligth fitting in bathroom. Soiled sheets on bed when room cleaned, no wifi và power cuts everyday. No electric in 38 degree heat is no fun. Other hotels nearby had power, made us wonder whether the hotel had turned it off to lớn save sầu money. Also there is a restaurant or catering outlet at back of khách sạn which starts choppimg, banging and crashmg around at 3am, making sleep near impossible.Staff were friendly. Better hotels around.
Spacious rooms, very reasonable price, helpful và lovely staff. Great location cchiến bại khổng lồ the main restaurant strip and about 10 mins walk from the river. They organised all of our trips & airport transport straight away, which put our minds at ease, & made us an early breakfast when requested.
I stayed in Waterlvà hotel while doing in internship in Hue. Staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They did everything lớn make me happy during my stay. They welcome you with fruits plate và serve delicious breakfast. Prices are very cheap and you will have everything you need here: wifi, hot & powerful water, comfortable bed, towels, air conditioning & a rooftop terrace! The rooms are big & very clean. They will also help you khổng lồ book any tours you want lớn bởi vì around Hue! I will totally recommend Waterlvà khách sạn for their contagious smiles & happiness!
My best frikết thúc và I regularly volunteer in Vietnam và we ALWAYS stay at the Waterland hotel! The staff are the most friendly people you will ever meet, & always willing khổng lồ go the extra mile. The breakfast is delicious & full of variety. The wifi is reliable & so is the air-conditioning.....really a trang chủ away from home!

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Couldn"t quite believe sầu how big and spacious these rooms were for the money you pay. We got the top floor which also has a roof terrace which was amazing. The rooms are comfy & big with a great bathroom. We also rented a Motorbike from the lovely girl on reception which was great as we went up khổng lồ dong hoi.