Khách sạn tolia đà nẵng

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olia is a 3-star international khách sạn, located just in front of My Khe Beach,which is known as one of the most charming beach planet by the magazine reputation Forbes voted and was voted No. 1 in the menu of emerging destination in the world in 2015.

With an ikhuyến mãi location, quality kiến thiết includes high unique standards in the construction, Tolia Hotel will give you the full resort experience peaceful and gentle beautiful beachside...

Domestic water in the khách sạn is the local aquatic systems installed RO, different highlight created fresh clean water for Tolia Hotel. With automatic fire hydrant systems, wastewater treatment systems standard Type A, Tolia proud lớn bring you the environmentally friendly services, ensuring the sustainable development of the tourism of Da Nang. Besides, the entire wooden furniture in the hotel is naturally Xoan Dao luxury with warm colors, cool.

Tolia with 50 rooms including apartment rooms and VIPhường rooms. All rooms are equipped with hot & cold water systems solar, digital television, 40-inch Sony TV, wireless mạng internet throughout khách sạn, a work desk, dressing table, air conditioning, minibar, international phone... khổng lồ bring guests the best service và the highest satisfaction.

Conference rooms tastefully furnished with modern equipment brings comfort, familiar to lớn guests when meetings here.

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Besides, Tolia Hotel also serves breakfast, lunch và dinner with special dishes of Central - a delicious and extremely delicate. Restaurant space is arranged science, beautifully combined with melodious music will give sầu customers the moments of relaxation while enjoying the culinary arts.

It only takes about 5-10 minutes, you can go lớn the Museum of Cđắm đuối Sculpture, Son Tra Peninsula, Marble Mountain ... Or further, you can come up with two world cultural heritage is Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary with only 20-45 minutes drive sầu.

The resort Ba Na - Nui Chua is located 40 km from the thành phố center lớn the southwest. Is like Dalat of Central and also the igiảm giá tourist destination resort guests at Tolia Hotel.

With a staff of experienced, dynamic và professional good, Tolia Hotel promises guests the best service, the most satisfied.

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With continuous improvement criteria, promote unique of service of the hotel in particular and service industries in the province of Da Nang đô thị in general.. Tolia Hotel Danang proud to lớn bring to you a perfect holiday service worthy 3 star resort. We would lượt thích to undertake, Guests will be the happiest customer service experience at Tolia.