The reverie saigon

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Since opening its doors in năm ngoái, The Reverie Saigon hasbeen lauded for its stunning kiến thiết, unrivaled locale và remarkable attentionto lớn detail.

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Situated a stone’s throwaway from the prestigious Dong Khoi Street in District 1, The Reverie Saigon boastsworld-class hospitality that is well-matched with avant-garde color schemes andhaute Italian thiết kế. The Saigon hotel is trang chính lớn the city’s largest và mostexquisite rooms và suites; each of the spaces includes supreme views of theever-growing urban sprawl through floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Reverie Saigon is a top choicefor international & local celebrities, and with extravagant décor, attentiveservice and an elegant vibe, it’s no wonder why. Whether you’re a celebrity ornot, this luxury property won’t disappoint.

Our Inspector"s Highlights
Many of the furniture piecesthroughout the property were specifically designed for The Reverie Saigon. Thefurnishings’ blueprints were conceptualized by the likes of high-over creatorssuch as Visionnaire, Colombostile and Giorgetti.The Spage authority at The ReverieSaigon is one of the noteworthy amenities of this Ho Chi Minc City hotel. Asidefrom enjoying relaxing treatments atop 400-thread-count sheets coveringEarthlite spa làm đẹp beds, you can also opt khổng lồ detox within a Himalayan salt-chargedsteam room or ease your mind by stepping inkhổng lồ the serene, color-changing sauna (eachshifting hue represents your chakras).Although The ReverieSaigon’s ground-cấp độ main lobby is decorated with custom-made Murano glass andis a sight khổng lồ behold, the real star of the show is the seventh-floor lobby. Intricatemosaic floral art adorns the walls; a custom-made, emerald-toned BaldiMonumental clochồng encrusted with 24-karat gold gilded trlặng is a prominentfeature; and the Baroque 16-foot-long eggplant-purple ostrich leather sofa, acustom-designed piece by Colombostile, is hard to miss.In the rooms, luxury infusesevery detail, from the herbal tea provided by respected French brand Dammann Frèresto hand soaps & lotions in select suites from Hermès and Acqua di Parma.

If you aren’t willing orable khổng lồ brave the hectic traffic in Saigon, request the services of the hotel’sprivate chef.A number of chauffeured housecars, including a Rolls-Royce và Bentley, ensure that you can cruise aroundtown in style.Take the Ho Chi Minc Cityhotel’s style home page with you by perusing the property’s lower levels, whichoffer pieces from select furniture showrooms such as Prememoria, Venini, Salda,Villari & Luxury Living. You can also customize your options by hiring one ofthe hotel’s in-house Italian designers.While the stylish pool is anexcellent addition to the luxury property, those interested in sunbathing mayhave sầu khổng lồ look elsewhere, as the kiến thiết doesn’t allow for optimal sun exposure. Don’tforget khổng lồ catch the poolside light show in the evenings with a cocktail.

Each of the hotel’s 286 guestrooms features a quality design. Choose from elegant & classic European surroundingsor modern và eclectic vibes. But no matter which style you piông chồng, rest assuredthat plush Frette linens are provided in each room.While all of the accommodationsin this luxury khách sạn have sầu spectacular views of the đô thị below, the mostimpressive vistas come from the corner rooms on the upper floors.Each of the bathrooms comes equipped with personaltelevisions over the soaking tubs and Japanese Toto lớn smart toilets.

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While each of the diningoptions is superb, Café Cardinal is a standout. A wonderful blkết thúc of chicmodernity và jazzy ambience, the all-day eatery serves continental cuisinethroughout breakfast và lunch and French fare in the evening.Those on the go can grab quickand tasty options from The Deli for breakfast và lunch. Pichồng up freshpastries, from-scratch soups và savory sandwiches.Complementing the hotel’s designinspiration, two Italian eateries craft delightful delicacies. R&J turnsout traditional red sauce fare in a contemporary setting, & The Long at TimesSquare is the city’s famed wood-fired pizza kitchen cooking up chef CiroSorrentino’s signature pies và more than 30 gelakhổng lồ options.Those interested in diningin splendor will love sầu The Royal Pavilion. The extravagant restaurant, designedwith traditional Chinese style in mind, provides East Asian staples such as dimsum & honey-glazed pork.