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Hotel kiểm tra in

A guest’s arrival và check-in at your B&B is the most important part of their customer service journey.

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You want them to lớn walk in & feel recognised, attended lớn, và most importantly welcomed. This is their first impression of your property after all.

To get check in right at your property, there’s a lot lớn consider. The guest’s needs must always come first, but you also need to lớn take into lớn tài khoản the efficiency of your business và how you can operate most effectively.

This blog will help make khách sạn kiểm tra in clearer & give you some ideas about which direction the check in process is heading, including what you can vì at your property.

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A room (bookable unit) could be an actual room in a motel, an entire property (such as abungalow or cottage) or a hostel bed.


The hotel check in process & guest expectations

The hotel kiểm tra in process has a pretty historical routine that is sticking around even to lớn this day.

Generally the process is:

The guest arrives & heads to lớn your reception/front desk.The guest is identified and has their details checkedFront desk staff will give the guest an introduction to lớn the khách sạn.The guest will take note of amenities & regulations etc & ask any questionsThe guest will be handed their keys/keycardLuggage is taken khổng lồ the room by the guest or khách sạn staffThe guest enters và settles into lớn their room

It’s been roughly this way for so long that it’s exactly what guests expect, but are they satisfied with a process that looks simple on paper but can become complicated và time-consuming?

Usually guests are told when they can check in and out too, with generally agreed upon check in và kiểm tra out times. However, other arrangements can often be made between khách sạn & guest for early check-in or late check-out.

Most properties have a kiểm tra in deadline because the front desk will cthua at certain times of day, such as overnight. This isn’t always practical for the guest however, since flight times won’t always align with check-in và check-out times.

Flexible khách sạn guest kiểm tra in

The guests who stay at your B&B come from all over the world, which means that travel plans and logistics are going lớn vary from one guest to the next.

The sharing economy has also created chất lượng competitors, such as Airbnb, which allows guests khổng lồ be more flexible in their travel plans. By creating a flexible time option for your guests, you can better compete against these listings, & make your own listing more attractive sầu should you have sầu one.

If you allow guests to lớn pay for early/ late hotel check-in it could be a real advantage. Guests love the extra wiggle room to lớn make planning their trip a lot easier.

This practice is becoming a trend, và not just within the smaller property space. Well-known brands lượt thích Hilton, Marriott, & the Intercontinental Hotels Group are offering this perk. It’s also yet another way khổng lồ drive ancillary revenue for your property.

Does your khách sạn allow online kiểm tra in?

Travellers usually enjoy new giải pháp công nghệ, & they certainly love having options. When it comes to lớn the check-in process, guests will jump on anything that makes it easier on them.

Remote or online check-in can save the guest a lot of time and appeals lớn those who are looking for a minimum of human liên hệ before they settle into their room.

Online check-in can be enabled through your website or via a dedicated điện thoại tiện ích, making things simple for guests.

Online check-in capability can also be used to lớn help your kinh doanh và loyalty efforts. Guests can learn more about your property, be served exclusive offers or be upsold on other amenities while they negotiate the online check-in process.

You could make your loyalty program more enticing by listing remote check-in as a reward for signing up, giving travellers the real incentive sầu of gaining something they know other guests aren’t receiving.

The majority of travellers are interested in checking-in online, since it appeals lớn their need for empowerment, freedom & convenience. They won’t have sầu to worry about long lines or delays in service.

Here are the main reasons you should consider online check-in at your hotel:

Convenient for the guestReduces queues in the lobbyImproves the customer relationshipShowcases your trang web và other parts of your propertyReduces staff workloadEnhances guest experienceExtra source of revenue

Average hotel kiểm tra in time

The demand for around the clock and high chất lượng customer service is pretty much growing in every industry, but it’s always been especially important in hospitality.

Travellers want to lớn be in control of their schedule và enjoy their trip in the way that suits them.

Conflicting with this is a general trover of guests being required khổng lồ kiểm tra inkhổng lồ their room in the afternoon và check out in the morning. For example some hotels might require guests lớn kiểm tra in after 2pm and kiểm tra out before 10am.

Twenty-four hour check-in is something you should seriously consider, for the following reasons:

It will improve sầu guest experience

When your guests arrive they are usually tired, in need of a shower, a refreshment và a meal. But with check-in unavailable until the afternoon, they are left waiting impatiently to gain access lớn the room that they have sầu paid for.

This isn’t a very good customer experience, and is even something AirBnB have sầu addressed. AirBnB allows guests to lớn liên hệ their host and negotiate a check-in time that works for them.

24-hour check in means that guests are able lớn gain access to your property at any hour, using a variety of different methods such as:

An around the clochồng doormanA lockboxA safe with a keypad containing the room key

This check-in process is especially useful for:

Appeasing business travelers who may need to lớn work late or come in at a very early hourThose arriving on very early flights, incurring delays, or cancellations.International travelers who are changing time zones.

It can help increase RevPAR

Implementing a 24-hour check-in strategy could work as a method of increasing revenue at your B&B. Not only will it improve sầu customer service and the offers you can make, but you could also supply this to guests at an additional fee.

Standard Hotels, for example, places a 5% surcharge on their ‘check-in anytime’ package và The Marriott Hotel chain allows for flexible check-in and check-out times depending on availability.

If this is something that is in demvà from your customers, they won’t mind paying a little extra và in the process you will increase your RevPAR.

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It could increase direct bookings

“Free 24-hour check-in when you book direct” is a very enticing incentive to encourage guests lớn book direct on your trang web.

You can offer guests an online code that allows them khổng lồ check-in on the website about 24 hours prior to lớn their arrival. This means when they arrive sầu they can head straight to their room without hassle or delay.

Lighten the load on staff

Sending automatic pre-stay emails that provide guests with detailed information about where they need khổng lồ go and how lớn get into their room when they arrive, as well opening times for reception, means that staff will have lớn spkết thúc a lot less time manually taking guest details and checking guests in.

Hotel kiểm tra in desk: Is it nearing extinction?

The front desk has been a mainstay of the hotel experience throughout history. It’s such a routine for guests khổng lồ get through the doors and make your way lớn see the staff member behind the counter.

The industry và even many guests are quite fond of this tradition but with the rise of giải pháp công nghệ, it seems inevitable that the front desk will become surplus khổng lồ requirements. Automating the front desk via systems such as online check-in is a big way to lớn cut labour costs, which many larger hotels will be enthusiastic about.

The problem with the front desk is that many guests don’t want lớn interact with members of staff when they’ve just arrived from spending a long time in transit. One function of the front desk might be khổng lồ try lớn upgrade or upsell but with guests tired & frustrated from being in the air or on the road, they typically won’t be very receptive sầu to these offers anyway.

However if they can check-in remotely before they arrive, they might be coerced into lớn spending a little extra online.

With scheduled check-in times, the front desk can be easily overwhelmed with multiple guests trying to check-in simultaneously. When guests are experiencing delays or frustrations straight away, it immediately affects their overall perception of the property. The desire for flexibility is ubiquitous in today’s guest; something the front desk doesn’t offer.

At the same time, it’s important for the khách sạn khổng lồ at least have sầu a baseline interaction with its guest, lớn at least make the property feel more homely and welcoming. It’s also important to lớn know the purpose of the guest’s trip so you can potentially tailor your service. Are they visiting for a wedding, a funeral, work, a holiday etc? Knowing the guest’s purpose means staff can know what’s appropriate khổng lồ offer them.Something that may help in all respects is installing check-in kiosks; multiple terminals where guests can self check-in without joining a line to lớn the front desk. The hotel can still have sầu a staff member on hvà but guests don’t have to interact if they don’t wish too. This will improve sầu the hotel’s processes và keep things running smoothly, while catering khổng lồ every type of guest.

di động check in at your hotel

Obviously, to lớn offer flexible guest arrival và guest departure times, you need to adjust your own administrative sầu schedule. This can be quite difficult, especially for B&B operators with minimal staff.

Travelers are now reliant upon their di động devices to lớn check-in for a flight, catch a ride, & order from their favorite restaurants. They want lớn have this same convenience when checking into their khách sạn. Rather than waiting in line at the front desk, today’s travellers want a simple process that allows them khổng lồ go directly khổng lồ their room.

Providing thiết bị di động check-in services not only benefits your guests, but it is also good for your daily operations. It streamlines your check-in process, reduces front desk friction, và allows front desk employees to spover more time assisting guests, which leads to more personalized guest service. Providing a streamlined, easy check-in process not only enhances the guest experience but it also frees up staff time to lớn focus on delivering the next màn chơi of service.

There are additional forward-looking functions that can be implemented along with Mobile check-in to lớn further streamline the check-in process. Incorporating features like Mobile ID authentication & sản phẩm điện thoại payment allows guests khổng lồ have a completely digital experience with your property & give them the opportunity lớn engage via the channel they’re more comfortable with.

Offering a streamlined mobile check-in process immediately gives your guests the ease & convenience they’ve come lớn expect from other sectors of the travel industry và automatically elevates their experience at your property.

Value of self check in at your hotel

Self check-in can really simplify the process for guests, và actually help personalise it.

Here are some key points:

1. Self service doesn’t mean lack of service

By giving guests the option to skip tedious procedures và check-in at their own convenience will improve sầu their experience và increase the satisfaction they have with your property.

2. Staff can prioritise

When staff no longer have sầu lớn be constantly deployed to deal with manual or mundane processes in the lobby & front desk, they can turn their attention khổng lồ providing better service in a different way. For example a family arrives tired & grumpy & staff are on hvà to lớn distract and entertain the children while the parents complete their self check-in.

3. Upsell và revenue opportunities

With guests choosing to self check-in, they’ll be calmer and more likely to be receptive sầu to additional offers. Present upsells, upgrades, cross-sells, & packages straight from your check-in kiosk or terminal.

4. System integration

It’s important your property management system and self check-in devices or apps are able to communicate. For example, when a room is cleaned & marked as ready in the PMS, a guest should be able khổng lồ walk in và book this room from the kiosk. Integration is also vital to ensure data is recorded properly & accurately. The details a guest enters into the self check-in terminal must be recorded in the PMS.

5. No more lines

No one really likes the look of a hotel with a bunch of people milling around the front desk or entrance. It makes the property look unwelcoming, the service seem slow, and the environment seem stressful. Eliminating queues will help your property look its best.

Hotel check in policy

Every khách sạn will have sầu a different check-in policy; it’s up khổng lồ you how you would like khổng lồ service your guests via your check-in policy.

Having a flexible check-in & check-out policy is something you should seriously consider, since it will instantly improve sầu guest experience.

Flexible check-in

You can generate additional revenue with a flexible time package. As a B&B operator, you know that there’s a reason why most hotels operate on a schedule where check-in takes place in the late afternoon and check-out takes place in the late morning hours. However, more & more guests are finding this inconvenient, & they are willing khổng lồ pay more khổng lồ enjoy greater flexibility. You can offer a flexible time package that allows guests khổng lồ choose their own check-in và check-out times, & use this as an opportunity lớn generate additional revenue for your property.

Younger travellers & solo travellers prefer to lớn be more spontaneous, & they are more likely khổng lồ book a room at a B&B that offers them more flexibility.

By creating alternative sầu check-in và check-out times for your guests, you will begin khổng lồ attract these motivated travellers.

Travellers are becoming increasingly frustrated by the standard check-in và check-out times at B&Bs around the world, & it can have a significant impact on the way they view your property. By creating this new type of policy, you will see a direct impact on your guest satisfaction ratings và an improvement in your online đánh giá.

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Many people choose lớn stay at B&Bs because it is a more authentic & personal experience. They are looking for customised options, which can include flexible guest arrival and guest departure times.