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For your fast và comfort in check-in at the airport, Bamboo Airways sets up self check-in counter called Kiosk Check-in with following instructions:

1.1 Step 1: Retrieve PNR:

– cảm ứng on screen.

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– Select language:

Tiếng ViệtEnglish

– Select “Check-in”


– At check-in step

Select Continue: to proceed procedureSelect Cancel: to stop check-in


– Select “Continue”, Kiosk check-in switch lớn the Check-in screen with the following options to lớn retrieve reservation information:

Passenger number record (PNR)E-ticket numberScan code (QR code on ticket)



1.2 Step 2: Retrieve itinerary và passenger info

– After retrieving successfully PNR, ticket number, Kiosk screen show itinerary in the ticket including:

Flight itineraryFlight numberFlight dateScheduled time of departure, arrival (STD-STA)Flight timingCountdown time to lớn departure

– Select flight to check-in.


– Select all or each passenger lớn check-in.


– The screen will display “Important flight infomation”.

– You should read và accept khổng lồ continue.


1.3 Step 3: Select in-flight seat:

– At the screen of selecting in-flight seat, you can select seat for each passenger:

– Select “Select seat” lớn open seat map, then select seat for each passenger.

– Or select “Skip” to bypass “Select seat”, The system shall allocate automatically passengers khổng lồ empty in-flight seats.



– For those who pre-select seat, “select seat” screen shall display pre-selected seats, you cannot change in this case.

– You check-in at Kiosk check-in, only could select green-displayed seats, standard seats for those use Kiosk check-in.

Touch each passenger to select proper seat

The system displays confirmed notification of seat number

1.4 Step 4: Input BBC points and bonus points:

– After finishing Step 3: select in-flight seat, the screen shall switch to lớn the step of inputting Bamboo Club membership number & accumulate points for passenger (if the passenger hasn’t đầu vào card number upon time of paying ticket).

– cảm biến the box to lớn input đầu vào thẻ number.

– BBC card number only includes serial numbers, excludes QH code.

– After inputting card number, then select “Enter” on screen khổng lồ confirm card number.

Correct thẻ number: the system displays green color with signal .Wrong thẻ number: the system displays warning red notice: “Membership number is invalid”.


– Select “Finish” after inputting thẻ number or bypass if you don’t have sầu membership thẻ.

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1.5 Step 5: Finish:

– The last step before finish check-in via Kiosk.

– The system shall display “Finish” so that you can cross-kiểm tra and confirm all info:

Travel informationFlight numberFlight date, timeQuantity và names of passengers finish check-in via Kiosk.Seat numberDeparture gate number (if any)On-board time.

– After confirming all above sầu information, without assistance from Airline staff or ground service, select “Printing boarding pass

– The system shall automatically print và you can collect boarding pass and finish check-in via Kiosk check-in.

“Check-in Done”

Printing queue screen

Collecting boarding pass

Finish check-in

– Kiosk check-in allows Web check-in & mobile check-in, then print boarding pass with once only.

– Re-printing function does not support for those who have sầu checked-in at Kiosk check-in và check-in counter.

2.1 Step 1: Retrieve PNR

– Refer khổng lồ steps at 1.1

2.2 Step 2: Select flight and you need khổng lồ re-print boarding pass

– After retrieving PNR successfully, the screen shows a list of valid flights, you choose your flight for re-printing boarding pass.


– Select “Continue” khổng lồ open passenger infomation.


– Select the passenger for re-printing boarding pass.

2.3 Step 3: Confirm information and re-printing boarding pass

– “Boarding summary” screen displays:

ItineraryFlight numberFlight date, timeQuantity và names of checked-in passengers.Seat numberBoarding gate (if any)Boarding time.

– You confirm infomation & select “Print boarding pass” for printing.

– Kiosk shall automatically print.

– Finish printing.


Pending step for printing

Notification for collecting boarding pass

Finish printing


Some cases may arise during the use of Kiosk:

– The screen shall be turned off automatically after 30 seconds without touching.

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– If you finish selecting seat, on-going with inputting BBC number and slow processing over 30 seconds, the screen screen shall be turned off automatically but checked-in process is still successful without boarding pass due to lớn unfinished check-in. You should come lớn check-in counter of Bamboo Airways to lớn print boarding pass. (Kiosk does not support to lớn re-print boarding pass for those who proceeded at Kiosk).