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All Nippon Airways (ANA) - Flights To Vietnam

ANA receives very positive ranking from passengers who have used the airlines. At present, ANA is offering a small number of flights to lớn Vietnam, all of which have sầu to lớn land at Narita International Airport (Tokyo) before proceeding to lớn Vietnam. From Tokyo to Ho Chi Minch City, there are nonstop flights every day of the week at 17.25 (Tokyo time). The everage price for one adult in the Economy class is around 884USD for the round trip. It takes about 6 hours khổng lồ fly from Tokyo to lớn Hanoi and 8 hours lớn Ho Chi Minch City.

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All Nippon Airways

Baggage Allowance

Cabin Baggage

Passengers on Economy, Business & First classes class can carry one piece of baggage with the maximum total weight of 10kg. The limitation on dimension for the piece of luggage on all class is 115centimet (45 inches) for the sum of all dimensions, which is equivalent lớn 55centimet in length, 25centimet in height và 40cm in width (equal to lớn 22 inches, 10 inches và 16 inches respectively).

These cabin luggage pieces have lớn be put on the overhead baggage compartment or the underneath space under your seats. Also, there are some additional items that can be carried on Economy class including laptop/notebook, handbag, umbrella/hat, entertainment devices such as MP3 players and Smartphone phone, but the electronic items should be used under the instruction of the crew members only.

Checked Luggage

All Nippon Airways allows passengers in all classes to lớn carry two pieces of không tính phí checked luggage with the sum of dimensions less than 203cm. First Class passengers can check in one more piece. The maximum weights per piece for Economy class are 23 kg (50lb), và 32kilogam (lb) for First and Business Class.

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For passenger traveling with an infant below 2 years old, they are entitled to lớn carry one more piece of luggage with the same limitation as adult. Also, passengers have lớn pay extra fee for the luggage if it exceeds the limitation in weight và dimensions for the không lấy phí baggage, varying from 12.45USD khổng lồ 186.75 USD.


Business Class

Traveling on a Business Class with All Nippon Airways will most likely leave you with a fond memory. Before và after the flights, Business class passengers are allowed to use the luxurious lounge at each airport to wait for the flights or refresh after the long & tiring flights. During the flying time, they are offered private và spacious seats. There is also a 12-inch touch panel LCD in front of each seat that enables the passengers lớn enjoy the wide world of entertainment with films, music, games & information channels. Hot & tasty meals are also served khổng lồ the passengers with various dishes typically to Japan or other countries that can satisfy all the customers.

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Safety Record

In the initial years of operating, All Nippon Airways was not the most reliable airlines with many fatal accidents & hijacking incidents. For example, on February 4, 1966, an aircraft of this airline crashed in Nagoya & took the lives of all 133 people onboard, or in 1958, a suicide terrorist named Akira Emolớn attempted to lớn detonate a bomb on a flight of All Nippon Airways, but fortunately he failed. However, with continuous investment in upgrading the airplane as well as the securities system, the safety of All Nippon Airways has been established significantly in recent years.